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a.k.a Summer Calls

My little corner of creative madness...

8 June 1986
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Summer Calls here, this is (one of) my little corners of creative madness on the internet.

I'm a story teller in the form of a 2D animator and artist. Sometimes you can catch me working part time in a supermarket helping to fund my projects ;)

I love to draw, sew (I'm a cosplayer)and am currently learning the Japanese Language.

Oh and did I mention that I'm a SteinXSpirit and an OroKabu fan in my spare time? ;)

(following three banners made by alice_rm)

get your stamp at http://m-maxwell.livejournal.com/78663.html

get your stamp at http://m-maxwell.livejournal.com/78663.html

Orochimaru x Kabuto is <3!

♥OroKabu is Watch Me as I Take a Shower Love ♥

♥OroKabu is Canon Loyal Love♥

Orochimaru is Snake Love by geuna

And Now For My Work:

2D Animation films that I have worked on:

The Flute Player of Rajathstan (Own Film); 2004
King Fish Blues (2nd Year of BA Hons Animation Degree) Animated fish and extras; 2006
Un Mare Di Memorie (Graduation film) Animation of all the birds and extras; 2007
KANJI (Own Masters Degree film) 2008/2009 cont.